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BeardAid and Throwing Snow

Bearded Magazine presents: A Beardaid Selection 2008
A selection of tracks taken from the six records Beardaid has released online monthly since launching in July 2008. Including exclusive samplers from cult indie labels such as Jezus Factory and Peski as well as unreleased EPs from Ratface, Tandy Hard and Throwing Snow.

Beardaid members have been given a new EP every month, and currently have an exclusive EP from Ratface and Bearded’s very special Christmas album to download. For just £2 a month you can join Beardaid and receive free magazines, free records and gain free entry to selected Bearded shows. Join at www.beardaid.co.uk

To download this special free sampler of what Beardaid has offered supporters in 2008, click the link beneath the tracklisting.

1. Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences - Every Word I Say To You Today Will be a Lie
2. Cate le Bon - Hwylio Mewn Cyfog
3. Ratface - Ratface Got Soul
4. Throwing Snow - Meadows and Haytime
5. Tandy Hard - Smoke
6. Throwing Snow - Amadae Fran Cocoface
7. David Mysterious - Dr. Manhattan
8. Radio Luxembourg - Down by the Sand
9. Ratface - Goodbye Blue Monday / What the World Needs Now
10. i H8 Camera - Airball the Second (Live)


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