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The Lasting Days - Debut EP

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Having played in a number of bands since his teens, lead vocalist
Richard Smith spent the 4 years preceding this current line-up
writing, demoing and road testing large amounts of material and it is
mainly this body of work that the band currently perform. It was also
during this time that he secured a distribution and licensing deal
with London indie label A Future Without Records.

In the Autumn of 2007 Smith called on a number of musician friends
that he had known and worked with intermittently since university.
These were and are; Ben Harrison (a professional theatre musician in
his own right) who plays drums, percussion and accordian, and provides
the main backing vocals live; Richard Riley (on Bass) who had just
returned from doing lead guitar session work in New York and was
sharing a house with fellow musician and writer Huw Jones who
completed the line-up contributing lead and rhythm guitar and backing

Stylistically the band has clear reference points. However, the
inclusion of folk and acoustic instruments does not hide the fact that
as well as influences ranging from Neil Young, the Waterboys and
Whiskeytown, they are clearly influenced by the alt-groups of our
formative years such as Weezer and Nirvana. It is the dialogue between
old and new, supported by an underlying hankering for precision
engineered pop-songs thatcontinues to motivate and define their
musical arrangements.

In the Winter of 2007 the band recorded their first ep. Taking the
listener by the hand, the record takes you through the piano-driven
opener 'Little fish' through the acoustic sunny and upbeat 'Dirty
lies', violin-featuring foot-stamper 'Seven Minutes', reflective and
hopeful 'The decline of magic' and finally through to the closing
garage-rock of 'Black sun'.

'The Lasting Days are a band made up of all the best ingredients -
effortlessly combining infectious onstage energy with
multiinstrumental musicianship, driving rhythms, sweet vocals, and
most importantly of all beautiful songs and melodies that will be
ringing around your head for days, they are definitely a band with a
very bright future' 
Moles, Bath

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