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Forward looking and progressive, we put our artists first as nothing matters but the music. It's a constantly evolving beast based upon the belief that a collective mentality can bring mutual benefit to all involved. Casting aside those major label "exclusive deal" clichés that even the most ethical indie labels seem to fall into eventually, A Future Without... brings artists opportunities without compromising their integrity or freedom to express.

Niqo - Mojibake EP

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Born in Greece, Niqo holds dual Greek and outer-space citizenship. Niqo studied Interactive Molecular Informatics, holds a Master’s degree in Cooking, and a PhD in Scenarios of Financial Disaster; he has also attended extensive seminars of Just Having a Good Time. He possesses a fierce sound-wave gun and mostly uses it to kill silence using emotional groundbreaking musical mood-swings, combining colourful jazzy sauce recipes accompanying a delightful meal of breaks and beats (messy job). He has been into music production several years now, influenced by the whole musical spectrum.

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