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Rumorse - Waves for Rumours

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Rumorse, since 2006, is Jorge Sasera’s project. Born in Valencia (Spain) and currently living in Melbourne (Australia), Jorge finds rumorse as a consequence of an individual need for sound expression.

More than a new approach to current electronic trends, rumorse is a joined venture of personal experiences and diverse sonic influences crafted for the perception of new emotions based on experimental and electronic sound.

Before rumorse, Jorge Sasera was an active component of the spanish experimental rock band La Muñeca de Sal (1994 - 2003), with contributions based on synthesizers manipulation, electronic sequencing and remixing.

The tracklist of “waves for rumours” brings to your ears a wide spread of melodic oriented down-tempo electronica, from minimal landscapes to retro backgrounds, much influenced by electronic, shoegaze and post-rock sound.

rumorse albums to the date are:
- “waves for rumours” released by A Future Without (2008),
- “pulse” released by the net-label Dog Eared Records (2008).

rumorse has also released the following remixes:
- Flunk - “Diet of water and love (rumorse remix)” released in “Democracy: Personal Stereo Versions” by Beatservice (2007),
- Tony Latenz - “Go beyond (rumorse remix)” released in “Schall Mauer 2.0” by Schall-Netlabel (2008), 
- Phasen - “915 am 1162008 (rumorse’s Retroadaptor remix)” released in “Phasen – Selected Remixes 2007-2008” by U-cover (2008),
and has remixed other artists like Moabi, Melorman and Magnitophono.

Rumorse has also been remixed by Moabi, Koen Park, Vibbtuan, Melorman, Boc Scadet, Sintetic-Collage, Lake of Sleep and others.

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