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Throwing Snow Remix of Deep Sound Channel on the Daily Dose...

Well today is an exciting day, we have a remix of a track by the new additions to the AFW roster.....Deep Sound Channel!

They are possibly the most together band I've heard and the production is out of this world.
The originate from Nottingham and have a stunningly weird yet perfectly coherent mix of Dub, Prog, Manc style vocals, and Math(esque) technicalities.
Check out the unreleased original (the break down at the very very end is just poetry) on their site oh and watch out also for their blinding live sets too!

The Throwing Snow remix takes the a foals(y) kind of route into a surprising mesh of interlocking rhythmic melodies and danceable breaks. It appears on the player due to a request by Hannah Cartwright, a sync agent and the brains behind some beautiful music under the guise of Augustus Ghost

I hope you enjoy...
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