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Forward looking and progressive, we put our artists first as nothing matters but the music. It's a constantly evolving beast based upon the belief that a collective mentality can bring mutual benefit to all involved. Casting aside those major label "exclusive deal" clichés that even the most ethical indie labels seem to fall into eventually, A Future Without... brings artists opportunities without compromising their integrity or freedom to express.


We've just got a brand spanking new Twitter account and we are encouraging all the artists to use it so everyone can follow the comings and goings in their musical spheres.
Only good can come out of open communication as it acts as a truer reflection of how things should change. And if by harnessing this we happen to allow, inadvertently, a little bit of good music in to peoples' lives, can that be a bad thing?
There is an RSS feed of the current twitter on the side bar. Let us know what you are up too!

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