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Forward looking and progressive, we put our artists first as nothing matters but the music. It's a constantly evolving beast based upon the belief that a collective mentality can bring mutual benefit to all involved. Casting aside those major label "exclusive deal" clichés that even the most ethical indie labels seem to fall into eventually, A Future Without... brings artists opportunities without compromising their integrity or freedom to express.

Disconnected Interview/Podcast

Here is an interview with us about all things 'A Future Without' there is also an hour long podcast to enjoy whilst you read, including some new exclusives and a selection of last years releases. Big thanks to Disconnected!

Podcast track list...

1. Baba Yaga - Circe
2. Chocky - Down With Idris
3. Jesse Moncrieff - Minds Eye Throwing Snow RMX
4. El Kid - 99
5. Kähn - Miss You When I'm Drinking
6. Lund Quartet - Madness of Love
7. deef - UnerklÑrliche (oder unidentifizierbare) Spiele im Kornfeld
8. Moabi - Miami
9. Vessel - Jupiter Rise
10. Toyface - Death of an Old Boy Will Plowman RMX
11. Zhou - Hold
12. El Kid - The Bunker
13. The Lasting Days - Lenador
14. 52 Commercial Road - 39 In Floods and Droughts
15. Deep Sound Channel - The Redneck Effect
16. Memotone - Eating The Sun
17. Toyface - Sleep

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