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Forward looking and progressive, we put our artists first as nothing matters but the music. It's a constantly evolving beast based upon the belief that a collective mentality can bring mutual benefit to all involved. Casting aside those major label "exclusive deal" clichés that even the most ethical indie labels seem to fall into eventually, A Future Without... brings artists opportunities without compromising their integrity or freedom to express.

Sam Kidel & Vessel OUT NOW!!!

We are massively excited to bring you two outrageously good EPs. 'Sam Kidel - String Loops' is our very first physical release on a very limited run of tapes laced with his beautiful experimental guitar work. As well as the wonderful tape you will also get a digital download of the fantastic String Loops EP for no extra cost. 

As well as this we have the unbelievably good 'Vessel - Wax Dance' EP Vessel describes Wax Dance as 'an account of movement and physical twitches made by the motion of sound.' This EP was fed on the flesh of Funk, Soul and House that transcends into deep cutting edge Bass music of the highest standard.

Purchase Sam Kidel - String Loops on tape HERE
Download digital version HERE
Purchase Vessel - Wax Dance HERE

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